Roman Rusinov is a designer, but he'd be just as happy to be labeled an artist, a builder, a maker, a user-experience or an interaction specialist. His practice focuses on design systems that improve relationships between the user and a product to each other’s advantages. His love for technology and tools has driven him to build remarkable and powerful products, that people are excited to use. While exercising a good eye for aesthetics, he grasps and distills complex issues and translates them into clean, focused, understandable solutions.

He is equally comfortable discussing color theory, user psychology, or the semantic implications of the DIV tag. He is excited about the endless potential of the web, apps and gadgets. His love for technology and tools has driven me to build remarkable and powerful products that millions of people are excited to use every day.

Roman's portfolio isn’t a series of beautiful, generic templates — it’s a collection of stories that he can discuss with enthusiasm, and regret… because he is always getting better at what he does and never satisfied with “good enough.”


Roman Rusinov was born in the small Siberian town Zheleznogorsk on a sunny spring day in 1985. There, he mastered graphic design and fine arts for 6 years at the College of Arts and Design and in 2005 earned a bachelor degree in business administration, management and operations at the RIAT. In 2006 he relocated to United States, where he started design career in Orlando, FL.

He had an opportunity to work with many great companies and master his skills in print, digital publishing, typography, photography, video, web design, web development, user experience, and interaction design.

In '07 – '08 he worked as a freelance photographer and designer for Standerd and Wake magazines. In 2008 he established Dejavu Design, Inc. In '08 – '09 he joined non-profit Academy Publishing where he designed sponsorship ads for school newsletters around the country.

In 2009 he joined a startup hip-hop magazine G.O.A.T. where he designed, illustrated and photographed.

In 2012, he teamed-up with creative design firm, Ruxly. Roman was responsible for branding, website design and development, mobile applications design, user experience and interaction design. Together they worked with some amazing clients such as Starwood, Columbia University, Bacardi, Windsor, Harbor House, 23&me. They also founded a cancer social-network & resource-hub — Know Cancer.

Since mid-2012, he played an active role in Downtown Credo as a Creative and Marketing Director.

In 2013, Roman joined a startup company. SightPlan is a software for building and managing apartment communities. He handled branding, mobile and web applications design, iconography, illustrations and marketing.

With an approachable outgoing personality and excellent communication skills, he established a lot of great relationships around the globe, working with individuals from Russia, Sweden, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas and China.

Away from the screen, tablet, and keyboard Roman spend most of his free time with beautiful wife, exploring national forest trails on mountain bikes, hiking to waterfalls, or paddling out to the nearest springs. He greatly enjoy photography, music, art and making-building-fixing things.

Skills & Qualifications

Producing simple yet innovative, unique, and efficient designs is an essential component of his skillset. He works closely with product managers, developers, customer success, and other cross-functional teams to create concepts, wireframes, designs, and prototypes for a variety of screen sizes and device categories. With great passion, attention to detail, pixel perfection, Roman produces an elegant user experience and design. He flourishes in a fast paced, ever-changing, and deadline driven environment. His visionary attitude and entrepreneurial spirit play major role in the project’s success.

Roman's core responsibility will be in combining his knowledge and expertise with the goals of your business to deliver a world-class user experience to your users. He is comfortable taking a data-led approach to design. He will be a passionate advocate for the user, dedicated to the craft of design and excited about working in an agile, collaborative environment.

Participated in Stanford's d.School, d.Leadership design thinking workshop.